6 Must-Know Facts About Wormwood Essential Oil

wormwood oil uses
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 benefits of wormwood oil

Treat Human Body Worms

What did Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, and Edgar Degas have in common with one another besides the fact that they were all incredible painters? They all loved absinthe which is a botanical spirit that is made of wormwood, fennel, and anise. At present, absinthe is illegal in the United States and in many other countries; however, it's still readily available in Europe.

Botanically, wormwood is known as Artemisia absinthium. It's readily known to treat worms such as tapeworms, hookworms, and roundworms in the human body. It has narcotic effects and was an essential part of the alcoholic beverage absinthe that is now prohibited.

 what is wormwood oil used for

1Tones Up Circulation

Wormwood oil is a tonic that will tone up the organic system, and it will also fortify the body. It can tone up the digestive system and assist in the proper absorption of the nutrients in the body. It can also tone the circulation and assist in the appropriate distribution of the nutrients in the human body.

It can tone the excretory system and help to remove unwanted minerals and toxins from the body. It has a toning effect on the endocrine system and will assist in proper growth as well as maturity, and it helps to maintain the proper discharge of enzymes and hormones. It tones the nervous system and will help to keep you more alert and active. It helps with the immune system as well and will protect against diseases and infections.

 benefits of wormwood oil

2Pacifies Nervous Afflictions

Generally, the term narcotic is a negative term that people use. However, it can be a very beneficial word for poisons that have been used as medicines. Some of the deadliest poisons have been used as medications and work very well. This tonic has many narcotic effects that work to calm the nervous system and afflictions such as epileptic or hysterical attacks as well as stress, tension, convulsions, and even insomnia.

Stress has been with us since the days of evolution. It's stress that keeps animals safe and out of dangerous situations. The concept that was developed in the 20s is the "fight or flight" response that animals under attack have an energy surge that allows them to fight or flee a bad situation.

 benefits of wormwood oil

3All-Natural Insect Repellant

Substances that are poisonous to some animals and mammals may not be toxic to others except, of course, those stubborn insects that refuse to give up and die and have somehow developed resistance to some of the deadliest poisons on the planet, and they still annoy us. Thus, being poisonous, wormwood essential oil works well as an insecticide, an insect repellant. You can use it as a spray, in a vaporizer, and a fumigant.

Insecticides are pesticides that hav been designed to kill, repel, harm, or mitigate a species of insect. They work in a variety of ways. They may disrupt their nervous system or damage their exoskeleton, repel the critters, or control them in some fashion. Wormwood works to kill them without having to use harmful chemicals.

wormwood oil uses

4Regulate Menstrual Discharge

Wormwood works to stimulate discharges, and it's used as an emmenagogue. It can stimulate menstruation and help open up obstructed menstruation. It's beneficial to health since an obstructed menstruation can be critical to a woman's health, and they can have uterine tumors, even cancer. Wormwood can also help with cramps, headaches, nausea, fatigue, regulating menstrual cycles, and lack of appetite.

Cancer is a serious condition that can have cells dividing at a rapid rate. It's typically located in a tumor. These cells will distribute throughout the body through the blood or the lymphatic system, and it can result in death. This can appear to be a lump, and if it's not found early on, it can cause cancer elsewhere in the body through the lymph system and blood.

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5Acts As A Cholagogue

Wormwood acts as a cholagogue and promotes the discharge of bile from the liver and into the stomach and can stimulate other discharges also. It helps in two ways. First, bile, which is alkaline or basic by its very nature, decomposes or breaks down the food in our bodies and thus facilitates digestion. Second, it will neutralize the excess acid in the stomach, thus giving it relief from acidity; ulcers can be caused by prolonged acidosis and acidity.

Sadly, diet is the first thing to go when you're too busy, stressed, or even lazy. Digestion is inevitably affected by this oversight that can lead to many symptoms and conditions. If you've ever been bloated or constipated or if you've ever suffered from distress in the intestines, pain in hemorrhoids, or a gastrointestinal disorder, then paying attention to the health of digestion is vital to a healthy body.

wormwood oil uses

6Inhibits Growth Of Microbes

Toxic properties of some components such as alpha-thujone and beta-thujone of the wormwood essential oil can help to kill infections and kill microbes and inhibit their growing process. They're fatal to viruses and fatal to bacteria that cause fevers. Wormwood essential oil aids in the reduction of fever, and this makes the oil a febrifuge.

Fevers are a body's way of raising the temperature to fight a virus. There are many reasons that a person gets a fever that can cause viruses or diseases such as pneumonia, malaria, or other dangerous conditions. Many can be fluctuations in the temperature, headaches, weakness, irritation, and even loss of appetite.

Wormwood essential oil is processed by extracting the flowering tops of the plant, the twigs, and the leaves via steam distillation. Ginger is a vital part of many Ayurvedic remedies. It goes by alternative names like green ginger, wormwood, and the therapeutic oils have been in use for over a thousand years in Ayurveda which is the ancient wisdom of healing.

The striking fact in regards to wormwood is that even Hippocrates used it; this ancient Greek physician has long been considered to be the father of our western medicine. Even ancient monks and nuns used the bitter herb as an elixir to detoxify. Prehistorically, it was also mentioned in the Bible and first-century writings of both Greece and of Rome where it was placed in the sandals of the Roman warriors to calm and soothe sore feet.

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