6 Powerful Ways That Wormwood Essential Oil Can Be Used

 how to use wormwood oil
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 what is wormwood oil used for

Derived From A Small Shrub

Wormwood essential oil is derived from a small shrub that was native originally to Northern Africa and Europe. There is a long history of wormwood being used in folk medicine. Its best-known use is as a major ingredient in absinthe, which is an intoxicating drink, and it has been consumed by artists for a long time since they thought that creativity was stimulated by it.

Before wormwood essential oil's medicinal properties are explored, you need to be aware that it is a powerful poison due to it containing a high thujone concentration. More precisely, it is a neurotoxin. When taking wormwood as a medicine, extreme care needs to be taken, and you should avoid using it for prolonged periods of time. The following are some of the more important medicinal properties that wormwood essential oil offers.

 what is wormwood oil used for

1Relief From Nervous Afflictions

Generally speaking, the term "narcotic" has a negative connotation in a majority of countries around the world. It also might be beneficial against certain symptoms; this is similar to how certain deadly poisons are utilized as medicines. The narcotic effect that the oil has can be used to calm or soothe nervous afflictions, hysterical attacks, epileptic attacks, convulsions, tension, insomnia, and stress.

Stress dates all the way back to the earliest forms of evolution. Stress helped animals stay safe and still does. During the early 1920s, a concept was formulated, which is referred to as a "fight or flight" response; it refers to a situation where an animal generates energy quickly and uses it to either flee or fight back when it is under attack.

wormwood oil uses

2Helps Regulate Menstrual Discharges

The stimulating property of wormwood essential oil means that it is an emmenagogue. Menstrual discharges are stimulated, and it helps in opening obstructed menstruation. That can really benefit your health, given that obstructed menstruation might cause women to have serious health problems, which include uterine tumors and uterine cancer. The emmenagogue property in wormwood essential oil helps in making periods more regular and works to eliminate health issues, like abdominal cramps, aches, headaches, nausea, lack of appetite, fatigue.

A main characteristic of the disease cancer is the continuously dividing cells. The localization point is initially a tumor. Those cells later get distributed throughout the body by way of the blood or the lymphatic system, and cancer ultimately results in death. It appears in the form of lumps, which, if they don't get detected early on, may end up resulting in cancers in other body parts via the lymphatic system and blood.

 how to use wormwood oil

3Promotes Bile Discharge

Wormwood essential oil possesses a cholagogue property, which promotes bile discharge from the liver to the stomach as well as the stimulation of other discharges. There are two ways this helps. First, bile is alkaline in nature or basic, which helps with the decomposition of food or its breakdown to facilitate digestion. Second, it helps neutralize excessive acids inside of the stomach to give relief to health problems, such as acidosis, acidity, and ulcers, that develop due to prolonged acidity.

Diet, unfortunately, tends to be one of the very first things that get neglected whenever you are stressed out, lazy, or very busy. Your digestive health gets affected invariably by this common form of neglect, which may lead to numerous symptoms and conditions. You already know that it is vital to pay close attention to your overall digestive health if you have ever experienced feelings of being bloated or constipated, excessive gas, intestinal distress, painful hemorrhoids, or a severe gastrointestinal disorder.

 what is wormwood oil used for

4Prevention Of Microbial Infections

The toxic property of some components contained in wormwood essential oil, such as alpha-thujone or beta-thujone, help fight infections since they inhibit the growth of microbes and kill them. They also cause fevers and are fatal for both bacteria and viruses. Wormwood essential oil is a febrifuge since it helps in reducing fever.

Fever is higher-than-average body temperature. It may be caused by many different reasons, which may lead to diseases like malaria and infections such as pneumonia. Some symptoms can include body temperature fluctuations, headaches, loss of appetite, weakness, and irritation.

 benefits of wormwood oil

5Tones Your Organic Systems Up

Wormwood essential oil works as a tonic to tone up your organic systems and also fortifies your body. The oil aids digestion and also helps nutrients to be absorbed properly by the body. Next, it boosts circulation as well as helps ensure that the nutrients are correctly and uniformly distributed throughout the entire body.

The excretory system is toned, and it helps your body be kept free of any toxins and materials that are unwanted. It has a toning effect on your endocrine system, which helps with proper maturity and growth and also helps in maintaining and properly discharging enzymes and hormones. It supports the nervous system, which results in keeping it more alert as well as active. The immune system gets toned up by wormwood essential oil also, which offers adequate protection from infections as well as diseases.

 benefits of wormwood oil

6Effective Insect Repellent

If a substance is very poisonous to both mammals as well as higher animals, there is a good chance that it will be poisonous also to lower animals and even insects (with the exception of stubborn insects that have a natural immunity to them or have been able to develop a resistance to some of the deadlier poisons). Since wormwood essential oil is poisonous, it is able to work as an insect repellent and as an insecticide. To have this effect, it can be used in vaporizers, sprays, and fumigants.

An insecticide is a kind of pesticide that has been formulated to repel, harm, mitigate, or kill one species or more of insects. Insecticides work in various ways. The nervous system gets disrupted by some insecticides, while there are others that may damage the exoskeletons of insects or repel or control them in some other way. The oil works to kill insects without the use of harmful chemicals.

 benefits of wormwood oil

So, apart from their amazing painting talents, what do Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, and Edgar Degas all have in common? The three artists all loved absinthe, which is a botanical spirit that is made out of fennel, anise, and wormwood. Currently, absinthe is illegal in the U.S. and many other countries also, but in Europe, it is still available.

There are aromatic compounds contained in wormwood essential oil that provide absinthe with its distinct flavor, and it contains high thujone concentrations, which is a powerful form of a psychoactive substance. That is why using wormwood essential oil therapeutically requires plenty of care, and using the oil for prolonged periods of time should be avoided. The oil is strong and needs to be used carefully in small doses. It should be avoided entirely during breastfeeding and pregnancy.

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